2016 Entrepreneurship Research Study: Voices of Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg


2016 Entrepreneurship Research Study: Voices of Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg is based on two premises: first, that entrepreneurship has the potential to be a critical factor for economic growth, and second, that the voices of entrepreneurs need to be the guiding factor in establishing what is needed for entrepreneurship to grow.

A lot of money is being spent to develop, grow and nurture entrepreneurship – government seeks to co-opt business to spend R9.1 billion to grow small businesses, and new schools of entrepreneurship have mushroomed the past 10 years, along with organisations and programmes that cater to this section. However, are all these programmes really creating the desired growth? Are the activities and funds coordinated for the maximum return, or are there pockets of excellence and lots of duplication? Most importantly, do entrepreneurs have what they need to succeed, according to entrepreneurs themselves?

This study is important for five key reasons: 1) It is the first of its kind focusing on Johannesburg entrepreneurs. 2) It is solution-oriented. 3) It highlights the importance of Johannesburg as a key economic driver for South Africa. 4) It draws on international examples and positions learnings in the South African context. 5) It takes an entrepreneurial approach to solutions and policy recommendations.

By undertaking a multi-stakeholder, qualitative assessment, supported by a robust process of research and analysis, the study captured the voices of the city’s entrepreneurs as a microcosm of the national scenario. The intention is that this research will inform both public policy and private sector interventions targeted at entrepreneurs.

2016 Entrepreneurship Research Study: Voices of Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg provides an entrepreneurial point of view: it is about identifying opportunities and solutions, rather than discussing problems. The study takes an entrepreneur’s approach: what are the gaps that need to be filled? What choices and recommendations can be made to action solutions?

Today’s entrepreneurs have answers. Not all the answers are cohesive and there are differing points of view, but the voices are powerful nonetheless. Welcome to our world – we hope you will enjoy reading 2016 Entrepreneurship Research Study: Voices of Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg.

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Written by:
Tamiko Sher
Managing Director | Z.A.ZEN Consulting