Entrepreneurship is seen as the silver bullet for economies throughout the world. Hoodie-clad entrepreneurs are the new rock stars, and technology is creating new realities for today’s business. What does this mean for entrepreneurs today, for businesses, governments, and those who assist entrepreneurs? How can we make the most of this changing scenario?

The 2016 Entrepreneurship Research Study: Voices of Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg seeks to assist those who endorse entrepreneurship as the answer to economic growth. The study seeks to lay the groundwork for understanding entrepreneurs, what they need and how to help them, and poses potential solutions to existing problems, to assist those who make decisions about entrepreneurship.

Z.A.ZEN Consulting (Pty) Ltd has 15 years of entrepreneurship work under its belt, with extensive experience working with microbusinesses, artisans, small businesses, global corporations, NGOs and government. This experience assisted in the creation of the 2016 Entrepreneurship Research Study: Voices of Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg.

To make the research study and its findings more accessible, we offer the following services:

    1. Presentations to interested individuals, groups and organisations. We have a series of presentations sharing further insights into the study, which can be tailored for specific audiences. Our topics include:
      • Entrepreneurship is the new innovation.
      • What entrepreneurs say about what they need & how budding entrepreneurs can learn from their lessons.
      • How government and businesses can assist entrepreneurs to grow.
    1. Informal sessions. We are available for informal talks to students, budding entrepreneurs and others who want to learn more about entrepreneurship.
  1. Case studies and programme review. Z.A.ZEN offers in-depth case study capability, and can assist organisations looking to review programmes. For more information on work we have done, see our news section.

Sample of publication and Entrepreneurship Resources below.

Download the Sample Pack

Download Resources Document

To find out how we can assist with your individual, group or organisation’s needs, please contact us on info@zazenconsulting.com or call us in Johannesburg on +27 11 726 7643.


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